Rhythm is a common element in every individual, even for those among us who claim to not have “rhythm.” Typically, when we hear “rhythm” we think about musical ability, however, rhythm, as social beings, is defined more by how we move throughout space, throughout our world. Based on how we view ourselves in the world, our individual rhythm is hugely dependent on external factors in our surroundings. Our "walking pace," for example, obeys a personal timing, yet is also connected to our environment. As social beings, we move to a basic rhythm that develops through interactions within our community.  

Based on this idea "Our Rhythm" is a project where the main element will be MUSIC, however; not as an exotic component that serves only to entertain. Music will be used as a compass to guide us in better understanding each society.

“Our Rhythm” will explore the relationship between music and culture, from the perspective of the one who creates the art: the musician.

This store is a channel for those who want to support this project by buying shirts or making donations, we have no financial goals.